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About the Japan Angel Investors Association

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While the total amount invested by angel investors in the U.S. has increased to the same level as that of venture capital (VC), the total amount invested by angel investors in Japan is only a few percent of that of VC. In order for Japanese startups to grow, it is necessary to increase the amount and number of investments by angel investors, and it is also essential to improve literacy in angel investing, such as avoiding excessive stock ownership by angel investors and setting appropriate valuations.


The Japan Angel Investors Association was established with the aim of fostering the development of Japan’s angel investment culture. It builds a platform for networking and sharing information among angel investors, supporting the enhancement of their knowledge and skills. Additionally, the association develops angel investment guidelines for investing in startups and makes policy recommendations to the government, thus improving Japan’s angel investment environment. Through promoting healthy development, the association plays a key role in supporting the growth of startups.
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Activity Contents



Strengthen the network among angel investors and exchange information on the latest news and trends related to angel investing.

Collaboration with Entrepreneurs

Provide a platform for exceptional startups and angel investors to meet, supporting fundraising efforts.

Healthy Development of the Industry

Develop guidelines on angel investing and collaborate with public institutions and related organizations to promote the healthy growth of the industry.

Policy Recommendations

Establish a forum for policy recommendations and exchange of views on angel investing, aiming to improve the environment within the angel investment industry.


Membership Overview

Angel Membership

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Angel investors and those who aspire to engage
in angel investing.

Member Exclusive Content

  • Providing the latest information and event
    announcements for pitch events.
  • Networking among angel investors.
  • Introduction of exceptional startup entrepreneurs.
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Partner Membership

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Municipalities, companies, and organizations supporting startups.

Member Exclusive Content

  • Introduction to angel investors in various regions.
  • Funding support for supported startups.
  • Support for organizing pitch events and workshops.
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Representative Director

Power Angels CEO (Chatwork Founder)

Toshi Yamamoto

Born on March 21, 1979 in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture. While studying at Chuo University in 2000, founded EC studio (later renamed to Chatwork) while studying abroad in Los Angeles. In 2012, established a U.S. corporation in Silicon Valley and managed it for five years before returning to Japan. In 2018, handed over the CEO position of Chatwork to his younger brother, and the following year, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Growth Market with a market capitalization exceeding 55 billion yen. Currently, he is focusing on operating the angel investor community "Power Angels."



SunBridge Corp.CEO

Allen Miner


Yuki Shibahara

unicorn farm CEO

Masayuki Tadokoro

Angel Investor

Kunihisa Miyamoto

morich CEO

Chikako Morimoto

New Entrepreneur

Minoru Moriya

Local Government

Local Governments